7 Questions You Should Ask When Looking For A Wedding Venue

One of the most important things to consider when planning a wedding is, aside from who you’re marrying— is, where? You got engaged! But now what? What’s next? The wedding venue is one of the most important things to consider when planning your dream wedding.

Even choosing the wedding venue can become a laborious part of wedding planning. Although wedding locations are just the start of your planning, these questions will assist you in selecting the perfect wedding venue for you.

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1. Is this wedding venue the right one for us?

Before actually looking for wedding venues, whether for the ceremony or reception, you probably already have some sort of idea in mind. To know whether the wedding venue is for you, you should start by discussing it with your partner. The venue should answer these few questions: Does it match our theme? Indoors or outdoors? Can it fit our budget? Check out and tour several venues before deciding on one. Talk to the coordinators, check the venue’s surroundings, and look at their reviews online to help you decide.

2. What is the capacity of the wedding venue?

One of the things you should know before even deciding on a wedding venue is how many guests you will have. A venue that is too big for your guest list will feel a bit empty (and expensive), while a venue that is too small will be too cramped. You should also keep in mind to set aside enough space for the caterers and decorators as well. Know how many guests you are expecting before touring wedding venues. Choosing the right venue size is crucial for the intimacy of the wedding and the comfort of everyone present.

3. What are the wedding venue package inclusions?

The event packages are the first thing you receive or request from the wedding venue coordinator. This will most likely include hours, facilities, chairs, tables, and items you can use. Their package will also tell you what things and services you should be arranging on your own.

4. What are the facilities at the venue?

Do they have a kitchen? How many bathrooms? Can guests use the pool? Is there a stage area? Can we use the lobby? These are some facility and logistical questions to ask your wedding venue coordinator.Knowing what you can utilize in the venue goes a long way. The more facilities you can use, the more flexible and creative you can be with your event.

5. Does the venue have approved or recommended vendors?

Occasionally, venues already have in-house vendors at the ready, especially if they are a famous and experienced wedding venue destination. On the other hand, you might be going into the venue with vendors in mind already. The best way to approach this is by asking for recommendations for your wedding day while at the same time giving them an idea of your personal vendor choices. Let them know your personal recommendations and work with them to create the perfect vendor team between you and the wedding venue.

6. What are the wedding venue’s rules regarding decorations and activities?

The common wedding venue rules are no open flames, no damaging the venue, and cleaning the venue after the event. Before you start planning anything, make sure you understand the rules and regulations of the venue where your event will be held, and then plan your activities and schedule accordingly.

7. Is there parking available for guests?

Your wedding venue should have parking available for guests with vehicles, but you should also ask how far the parking is from the venue of the ceremony or reception or if there will be valet available. These are essential questions to ask your wedding venue coordinator because you’ll be expecting men in suits and women in high heels, so as much as possible, keep the walking at a minimum. 

Bonus: What is the back up plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

If there is one thing that you can’t predict on your wedding day, it’s the weather. Your selected wedding venue should be ready to move and accommodate your guests and decor once it rains or gets too hot. It would also help to have a plan ready just in case the weather starts acting up. 

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These sample questions aren’t the only ones you should ask. These questions are also not meant to stress you out but to help you plan your big day for a smooth, relaxing, and memorable moment. If you want to know more, you can check out this wedding article about more detailed questions. As the classic quote states, “Knowledge is Key,”, and the more you know, the easier it is to choose your wedding venue.

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