Are Christmas Weddings A Thing?

Christmas Weddings? When you hear Christmas, you don’t particularly relate it to weddings but Christmas Weddings (or weddings in December) are slowly becoming popular throughout the years. Whether it’s the cold weather, the family being together or a month full of love in general, Christmas Weddings are here to stay.

So, the short answer to the title is a resounding YES! If you’re not convinced about the Christmas wedding idea, here are a few themes that might get you inspired.

Christmas Love

5 Ideas for a Christmas Wedding Theme

Winter Rustic

The rustic theme in general leans more towards the warmer vibes but who’s to say that it should stay that way? Winter Rustic gives more of a cold, lit by a fireplace, log cabin vibes throughout its theme. Use neutral colors for your main decor apart from warm yellow fairy lights and light bulbs to surround your venue. Then use muted colored flowers to give you a bit of an accent to get that perfect Winter Rustic Christmas Wedding Theme.

Candlelit Boho

Nothing more romantic and intimate than candlelight. The Candlelit Boho theme focuses on its earthy and dreamy yet elegant design for weddings. Incorporating the beauty of nature while adding plush pillows, jewels, candles (lots of it) ,muted dried flowers along with a venue that has plants and trees, you achieve a Candlelit Boho theme that fits just right with the cold season.

Winter Wedding

The Winter Wedding theme focuses on a lot of cold tones from blue, white, and very light greens. To create the perfect Winter theme for your Christmas wedding, the most important aspect is finding a cold venue where guests will be comfortable wearing sweaters and jackets. Then add in blue, white and light green decors, white lights and very subtle touches of red to create a “cool” winter wedding theme. You can read more about Winter Weddings here.

The Wine and Gold

Or otherwise known as, Burgundy and Gold. This Christmas Wedding theme is a lux, elegant and classy theme just basing it off the name itself. This theme veers off from the traditional weddings we are familiar with by using the beautiful contrasting colors of burgundy and gold. Design your wedding invites, decors, flowers, lights and souvenirs with the theme’s colors and you end up with a wedding that oozes luxury.

The Christmas Lodge

The Christmas Lodge is a unique Christmas Wedding theme because it uses a lot of wood, earth tones and fairy lights. To create this theme, start by finding a venue that is home-y while having a lot of wood and log decor at the same time. Then decorate your “lodge” with a lot of fairy lights, green decors and candles. The key to this is creating an ambiance that gives the festive warmth of Christmas with the family.

And that’s about it, there are many more Christmas Wedding theme ideas out there but what is most important about the theme is you have to make it your own. Show you and your future spouse’s identity and creativity in your wedding theme and if you want more ideas you can check the link right here. And if you plan on creating one of these themes, UrWedding is the perfect partner to help you design your once in a lifetime experience. With all that said, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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