Creating Your Wedding Gifts Registry

A part of the wedding preparation plan is to have a wedding registry. But wait, what is a wedding registry anyway? It sounds like an energy-consuming activity. Please don’t panic, because it means a list of what newlyweds suggest guests bring as wedding gifts. Simply speaking, it is the couple’s wishlist for the event.

Many guests usually stress over what to give to the newlyweds. It’s common to want to bring a wedding gift that the guests think the couple might appreciate or use. The key to creating your wedding registry is making it a guideline for your guests to follow regarding the gifts they plan to give.

wedding gifts registry

Here are things to consider in making your wedding registry

1. Be Practical With Your Wedding Gifts

As the bride and groom, you might be wondering what to include in the first place. Before listing down the latest iPhone and PS5, there are some things you should keep in mind. It should be for your new home and life to commemorate the start of a new chapter. It might be a wedding gift that can upgrade your household items or something more unique that will always bring back memories of your special day.

2. List Things You Like

The gifts should always be something you like or need. You can ask for something adventurous like a honeymoon getaway, travel packages, or a weekend gateway. Alternatively, you can ask for the furniture and materials needed for your new home together. Always list down items you will need and use. 

3. Plan Your Registry List Ahead of Time

It will always be wise to plan ahead in all aspects of your wedding day. The same goes for your registry. It might not be as spectacular as the decor or as amazing as the food, but your gifts are the only things you take home from the wedding, excluding the memories. To reduce your stress over creating a registry list, UrWedding can help you with a personalized and unique wedding registry on your very own wedding website. Once you have your registry done, you can rest easy knowing you have the gifts (and how to bring them home) settled.

Here are a few must-have wedding gifts in your registry.


A classic go-to wedding gift is a part of the household essentials—in this case, dinnerware. Opting for individual pieces is fine, but usually, it comes in a set. Take note, and please avoid the mismatched aesthetic. Rest assured that having them will significantly upgrade or add to the collection. You can include more expensive goods on your registry but only ask for gifts you are sure you will use or genuinely want.

Cookware Set

Including a cookware set is a challenge to take on that cooking career, only this time, you won’t be cooking for yourself but for your family. Moreover, good cookware can last a lifetime if you take care of it. Therefore, not only will the wedding gift last through many generations of family meals, but it will also be a constant reminder of the big day. Imagine that not only will it be used by your family, but it could also be a family heirloom to pass down.

Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a perfect wedding gift for couples who are coffee lovers or enthusiasts. Additionally, it is a fantastic addition to the kitchen and your morning routines. Even though it means fewer trips to Starbucks, it is convenient and can save up a few pesos in the wallet. Assuming the guests have a few leg room for budget, this is an excellent pick for the registry.

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Don’t be shy when asking for cash. Cash is a gift too! When unsure what to list down, you can always ask for money. By doing so, you can be more flexible on your purchases together in the future. Cash gifts can go a long way.

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Choosing wedding gifts for the wedding registry should be enjoyable. Sure, it is part of wedding planning, but it isn’t a chore and can be a bonding moment for couples. The items above are just some things you can add; completing your list depends on you. It is advisable to have a wide range of price points for the guests. When all is said and done, what matters the most is the person you will build a home with.

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