Honeymoon Spots For You (Philippine Edition)

Honeymoon spots are easy to find especially since the Philippines is a beautiful tropical country boasting world class tourist destinations. We live in an era where romanticising life and adventure is a thing. So here are some honeymoon spots after your memorable cinematic wedding— and it’s just located right here in the Philippines. For our Manila readers, it gets more exciting. We also listed locations close to home. 

7 Amazing Honeymoon Spots In The Philippines

Before we start with the the best honeymoon spots we could offer. Knowing what the couple wants and needs are what UrWedding is all about. We separated our honeymoon spots between “Staycation” and Vacation. Continue reading to know more about the Philippines’ best honeymoon spots.

Honeymoon Spots for Staycation

1. Camper and Cabin

Camper and Cabin is the perfect getaway home away from home just 1hr away from Manila. This lavish honeymoon spot makes it even more splendid with its mid-century modern architecture and amazing lighting for your instagram pics along with an infinity pool and overlooking view of Mount Batulao sunsets and Nasugbu farmlands.  You definitely won’t regret your newlywed moments here especially with remoteness and its serene views. You might want to book a few months ahead cause this honeymoon spot is always fully booked.

Like most weddings that are held in Tagaytay, some wish for somewhere quite further  away from the wedding ruckus of theirs. This honeymoon spot is located right in, Pulong Sagingan, Tagaytay City,

2. Nurture Wellness Village

If your wedding reception didn’t leave you with a lot of time or energy to relax, then this honeymoon spot is perfect for you and your partner located here in Nurture Wellness Village. This serene atmosphere will allow you to create something memorable for you newlyweds. They also offer a distinctive brand of “Ecotherapy” while maintaining their services purely Filipino. This wellness destination is perfect for the couple who just wants to unwind and enjoy their moment with relaxing spa treatments and wellness packages in their Ifugao Spa Suite or their Forest View Suite.

Next up, enjoy the breathtaking views in 

3. The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito is definitely something to consider with a variety of villas and suites to choose from and peaceful pathways to walk in and take it all in. This resort is definitely another perfect honeymoon spot to consider in your list. They also specialize in holistic programs to unwind in and along with spa and beauty treatments you can enjoy. There’s also a golf course you can look forward to, to add to your leisure activities.

Since some find the South too common. Let’s head somewhere in the east of Manila– located right in Antipolo, Rizal.

4. Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens Spa is the first and only hanging gardens spa in the Philippines. Enjoy the amazing views of Laguna de Bay and Manila skyline while soaking up in their heated jacuzzi and getting a taste of Antipolo’s best suman. Maybe even add their choco scrub for that extra relaxation to your massage of choice.

This list of honeymoon spots in the Philippines wouldn’t be complete without its beautiful  beaches. So next up, we have our staple beach of choice:

Destinations for Vacation

5. Movenpick Resort & Spa

It’s not a secret that Boracay has stunning views and beaches especially when it comes to honeymoon spots in the Philippines. But Movenpick Resort & Spa Boracay is known for its romantic atmosphere and splendid beachfront, perfect for the newlyweds looking into taking a walk along the beach while enjoying the ever so famous sunset of Boracay. It also offers numerous facilities and activities you can enjoy as a couple along with their amazing menu. 

6. Amanpulo

If you want something more lavish of a beach we have, Amanpulo.

This tropical paradise is located in Northern Palawan that lies on Pamalican Island, known for its white sand beaches and pristine reefs. This private island resort is definitely a perfect honeymoon spot to enjoy one of the many luxurious beaches in the Philippines. It’s an amazing selection of villas to choose from whether it’s the Casitas perched on the hillside or their villas with a private pool and services of a private chef or butler, you’ll definitely have something memorable and  one for the books kind of experience for this honeymoon spot.

Last but not the least, Palawan and Boracay might be a common place for honeymoon spots but this location is definitely another place to consider for your honeymoon beach getaway:

7. Bohol’s Eskaya Beach Resort

Bohol’s Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa resort beachfront villas you can enjoy in with each of their very own pools and waking up to amazing sunrise views. You can also enjoy soaking in their infinity pool while basking underneath the sun capping off the day as you enjoy the sunset with dinner for two right by the pool. The perfect honeymoon spot located right in Bohol. You can also enjoy numerous activities as you enjoy each other’s company.

These honeymoon spots are definitely amazing selections that will not only make you fall in love with your lover even more but also fall  in love with the splendid island of the Philippines and its various locations and stunning views it can offer. These are only 7 of the plenty more locations the Philippines has to offer. Here at UrWedding, we can help you decide (and design) your perfect honeymoon and wedding experience. We handle everything that happens backstage so you can start your adventure with your future sooner!

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