How to Throw a Winter Wedding in the Philippines

Tis’ the season for pine trees and winter weddings—probably not for us living here in the Philippines, but who says you can’t throw a white winter wedding theme here in the tropics? You might not get that precise winter and fluffy snow, but you sure can put on that kind of show. Read below to learn more. 

First, we’d need a venue somewhere cooler than what we’re usually used to here in Manila. Below are some great ideas for that winter fantasy of yours.

winter wedding tones

• Find a "cool" winter wedding venue

It ain’t a winter wedding if your guests are sweating. Jokesies. Although we may want to set the ambiance somewhere cooler than our usual temperatures, especially here in the Philippines, such as the lush pine trees in Crosswinds (Tagaytay), a good ol’ cabin in Sagada, or even Tanay (Rizal) in the morning. Though you also can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned ballroom with high-powered air conditioning as a wedding venue. 

 Next, after finding the right venue, deciding on the color palette to emphasize your theme would be helpful too.

• Stick to cool-colored tones for a winter wedding feel

When we hear “Winter Wedding,” coming from the word “winter,”  it depicts cold, which is why cool colored tones would be great for your color palette and will definitely play a major role in setting this wedding theme. Here are some winter wedding color palettes.
Setting the tone for your celebration is an excellent choice.

• Add elements that represent "winter"

Winter is the season of fur and layering, which is why, if you can’t wear them, use them. Some might find wearing fur uncomfortable, especially if you’re residing here in the Philippines, but it definitely would work if you used such elements without necessarily finding the need to wear them. Other elements such as pine trees, stockings, wood, candles, and more would undoubtedly set the mood for a winter wedding.

 And of course, since winter results in warm cups of cocoa and coffee,

• Add a mobile hot cocoa cart

There’s nothing like a good cup of joe to bring around the winter atmosphere. Plus, everybody loves hot cocoa or coffee. Hiring a mobile cart would definitely be fun for the guests, too. A mobile hot drink cart can also make a warmer and more immersive experiencer. No pun intended.

winter wedding decor

Winter in Manila might sound silly, but if it’s an island girl’s fantasy to throw a winter-themed wedding in the tropics, who’s to stop her? Looking for more wedding theme articles? Click Here.

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