Making A Wedding Registry In The Philippines

wedding gifts registry

You might see it, like it, want it, and then eventually get it—but what are the things you need to know when making a wedding registry? And more importantly, where? Wedding registries aren’t as common in the Philippines as they are elsewhere. Sometimes couples prefer not to make or ask for one because they feel guilty for making a list of their wants. Though you may not be too picky with your gifts, wouldn’t it be nice to be precise? You’ll most likely end up receiving cash to buy that first plate set, but wouldn’t it be better to receive that set in a box topped with a bow? This is where the wedding registry comes in handy.

Tips on Making a Wedding Registry For the Newly Engaged Couple

Tip #1: Make a wedding registry ASAP.

When we say asap, we don’t mean right after you put the ring on but rather at the appropriate time. Make it as soon as you can so guests can prepare for the gifts they want to give to the couple. Here are some stores in the Philippines that can help you with your wedding registry.

Tip #2: Avoid feeling guilty about your wedding registry.

Though some might find it hard to make a wedding registry because they don’t want to sound demanding when it comes to gift options, remember that they want to celebrate your love and that communication is key—it’s important to let your guests know what you want. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up getting a pink dish towel instead of a green one if you don’t make a wedding registry.

Tip #3: Avoid over-registering.

Making a wedding registry isn’t as pretty as the scene in Bride Wars where the other character was picking everything up with her barcode scanner. It requires more attention when it comes to choices and price ranges. But you wouldn’t want to make a list that’s shorter than your number of guests, and you might want to add in a few more options for them to choose from.

Tip #4: Create a QR Code

Since everything is scannable nowadays, making a QR code is actually a convenient move. Making a QR code to link your wedding registry, whether on a sheet or on a website, is a smart move. You can even repost it to your social media accounts; that way, even the ones who aren’t going can check the couple’s preferences.

Tip #5: Don’t be shy about asking for cash.

Honestly, it sounds plain old practical. Ironic since we’re talking about gift registries for weddings. But who wouldn’t need cash? There is no need for all that gift planning, searching, and buying. Plus, it saves them time and trouble for everyone involved, especially for our busy bee attendees.

But the poetic meaning of this list is for the people who want to celebrate your love to know what you want. Nothing wrong with transparency, am I right. — And tips are tips, but it’s up to the newly engaged couple to start working together and coming up with this wedding registry. To save the effort (and hassle) of creating the registry yourself, UrWedding can definitely assist you in creating a unique registry just for you. Furthermore, you can change your mind

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