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Outdoor Wedding Venues in Metro Manila

“No matter where, as long as it is with you,” well, on the contrary, finding the right place for your wedding is one of the important things to figure out in planning. Outdoor weddings are on the rise now, and it is very understandable. Saying your vows with the connection of nature around you is an unforgettable experience.

Mother Nature sure is an artist when it comes to creating those one-of-a-kind experiences. A soft breeze caresses your skin as you wait at the altar, accompanied by the chirps of birds. On the other hand, if you are residing in the Metro, there are still outdoor venues that could make you fall in love all over again. No wonder a lot of couples are now opting for outdoor venues for the big day.

Here are the top 4 outdoor wedding venues in Metro Manila.

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The Glass Garden, Pasig

The best of both worlds! A wedding venue that is both outdoor and indoor. The Glass Garden offers an amazing experience that could add to the big day. They are most known for their architecture, which offers frosted white and green glass with lush gardens and a high ceiling. They are the most booked event venue for a reason. Its spaciousness is also a dream for the designers and production team! You can get ambient natural lighting while the sun’s out and then transform it into a magical light show at night. It is truly a breathtaking venue for a wedding or any other special occasion.

Avire Tower

A bit closer to the skies! Avire Towers offers both a reception and an outdoor wedding venue for the special day. The floor-to-ceiling glass overlooks the city, which serves as the perfect after-ceremony venue. On the rooftop, with the sky as your background when saying your vows, just imagine the view as it hits sunset. As the ceremony comes to an end, you are left to dance the night away under twinkling stars, which sounds like a great way to spend the first day of a couple’s life together.

Timmy In the Woods

A bit of a drive from Manila city life, located just in Antipolo, you can find this gem. Timmy in the Woods is the perfect outdoor wedding venue if you are leaning towards a bit of a rustic theme and like being surrounded by plants and big trees. The rustling of leaves as the breeze passes by and the chirps of birds and insects. They give off a feeling of intimacy, serenity, and exclusivity as you get more privacy away from the bustling city. If you love nature, then this is a wedding venue worth listing.

Pio’s Kitchen

Located in the heart of Quezon City, Pio’s Kitchen boasts an amazing indoor and outdoor ambiance. The combination of an event venue and fine dining makes Pio’s Kitchen a unique addition to this list. For starters, newlyweds and loved ones will feel a very warm welcome while enjoying a fine dining experience and their best-selling paella. So whether you love to lounge indoors or walk around outdoors, you will most definitely feel at home here.

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Just follow your heart, whether it leads you to put your toes in the sand, overlook the top of a mountain or city, or have your dream garden wedding. Try it out! Just remember to make sure you document your wedding journey with us at UrWedding! After all, it is your big day. How would you describe your dream wedding?

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