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1. The Announcement

Spread your great news to everyone on paper or social! Includes the bride and groom’s names, wedding venue, time and location, parents, godparents, officiants, attendants, and a whole lot more you want to include. This will make the couple and their friends and family to be excited for the day to come.

2. The Story (How, When and the Proposal)

Everyone loves a good story. Especially if it's from a loved one. Share your story from how you two met, fell in love, and the journey you both took together and inspire readers with your kilig moments. You can include past photos, prenuptial shots, or any memorable photos you have together.

3. Scheduled Activities

Your guests look forward to witnessing the lovely couple tie the knot but they would also look forward to the event right after. Let them know the program flow, activities, and games you have in store for them so they have a lot to anticipate for.

4. Wedding Entourage

Your parents, relatives, bridesmaids, groomsmen, best men, maid of honor, and principal sponsors are all part of your wedding entourage. Create your list of people you would love to walk down the aisle with the couple.

5. The Ceremony, Reception and Wedding Party

A sneak peeks of how the events would look to give a general idea of how you and your partner design the special day. You can make this section available for public viewing or just for you and your production team.

6. The Wedding Gifts Registry List

Whether you want something specific or your guests have no idea what to give, this is for you and them. Create a list of what gifts they can give so you may those you need to start your chapter together with your one and only.

7. RSVP Page

A wedding is always happier with the people you love the most. Send personal RSVP invitations to those you want to invite and those you wouldn’t want to miss out on your special day.

8. Guest Address Collection List

It’s easier to send hard-copy invitations if you know where your guests stay. We will create and compile an easy-to-navigate directory so you could communicate with guests hassle-free.

9. FAQ

As big as the day you have in front of you, your guests will have a lot of inquiries about many things. The FAQs provide all the details and information they might need to know about the day or the couple. You would not need to answer and contact each guest individually because, with FAQs, your changes would be posted in real-time and up to date so guests could easily see them.


1. Digital Invitations

Online invites provide you more freedom to experiment with the design than traditional paper invitations. There is room for high-resolution photos and graphics. Video messages and other forms of interactivity are also possible. It is also possible to experiment with different wordings for digital invites.

2. Thank You Notes

A month or two after the wedding, it's customary to send out thank you notes to guests as a token of appreciation for sharing in the happy occasion. In addition, this is a great time to express appreciation for any presents they may have given.

3. Meal Choice

If your guests choose their entrées in advance, your caterer can have exactly enough food on hand to make sure everyone gets what they want.

4. Seating Plan

At weddings, where many guests won't know each other, not having to choose seating arrangements is a huge relief. When guests are given the freedom to sit wherever they like, they tend to create exclusive groups that cease to socialize with others.

5. Wedding Gift Registry

Gift Registry facilitates communication between gift givers and receivers. A gift registry is a list of items the recipient wishes to receive as presents. This will ensure that the gift giver is picking something the newlywed will enjoy.

6. RSVP Reminders

A friendly reminder will make your guests feel appreciated while also reinforcing the first invitation. Tip: It's a beneficial idea to send a reminder with the wedding details since often times the invitation has been received sent out months in advance.

7. Wedding QR Codes

Utilize QR Codes to simplify the experience for your guests. So, when guests receive their invitations, they may simply scan the QR code to access the wedding website. The QR Code also features a button that allows users to simply add the event to their mobile device's calendar, guaranteeing that they won't forget to mark the date.

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