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Wedding Colors For 2023

The new year often comes with surprises and last year’s wedding colors have definitely been overtaken by new ones. And with 2022 coming to a close, we are predicting how 2023 weddings are going to look like. So whether you believe in lucky colors, horoscopes and birthstones, there is certainly a color for you this 2023. So sit back, relax and read up on what 2023’s Wedding Colors has to offer!

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When you think of canvas, it doesn’t initially get added to your potential wedding colors list. By functionality, a blank canvas offers an artist the freedom to create anything in his/her imagination and that is where its best features lie. Canvas’ off-white color complements almost any other color and instantly gives you an artistic vibe. 

Rustic Greige

Rustic has always been a staple for wedding themes for quite a while now. Its earthy brown and green tones create amazing photos and decor as well as giving you a simple yet warm ambiance. So, if you’re into calm, serene nature wedding colors then you can’t go wrong using the Rustic Greige.

Raspberry Blush

These wedding colors palette instantly gives you a Wes Anderson film look for your wedding. This bright red-orange color gives a soft on the eyes, vibrant pop to your decor. While you may use raspberry blush as your main color for everything, it is best used to accentuate smaller decor like vases, candlesticks or flowers. 

Viva Magenta

Pantone, the company that dictates the colors of the year, has announced Viva Magenta as 2023 main hue. This color is bright, strong and bold of a color that will surely light up your wedding. We do highly welcome red, or in this case magenta weddings, this wedding color is best used on smaller decor as well. Place this color strategically on vital decorations and see your wedding go “Viva!”.

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These colors are very beautiful on their own and you might’ve probably envisioned your wedding by now but always use colors that compliment you and your spouse! Your wedding is a culmination of the creativity and love between you two, so plan together or you can plan with us! To end, here are a few more colors for 2023 that you might find interesting to use. Let’s wrap up 2022 and look forward to what the upcoming year has in store for us!

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