Wedding Games Your Guests Will Love

Wedding ceremonies are beautiful and solemn, but wedding receptions are upbeat and lively. One way to make your wedding reception a blast is through wedding games. Wedding games can serve as icebreakers for the guests to get to know one another. Nonetheless, wedding games are meant for the crowd to interact. Disclaimer, most of the games we chose are best played indoors, but if you want to have more options, check out this list too! So, without further adieu, here are a few wedding games your guests will love. 

Top 4 Wedding Games to Play

#1 Bring me
Bring me is a game everyone knows and loves. This game is also pretty common in birthday parties for kids and formal events. It starts with the host saying an item and the guests race to the hosts to bring said item. Bring me can be fun for just about any age.

#2  The Shoe Game
The Shoe Game is currently one of the trendiest and funniest wedding games. The game is simple, place the groom and bride back to back on stage and let them play a game of trivia. The bride and groom then exchange their shoes to hold in each hand then they are asked questions or facts about each other, the couple then holds up the shoe of whomever matches the statement most accurately. The fun part is when the couple gives different answers.

#3 Couple Trivia
While the shoe game is about how the bride and groom know each other, Couple Trivia is the wedding game that measures how much the guests know the couple. The rules are simple, the host asks a question and anyone from the audience can answer. To make it more fun, add prizes for correct answers!

#4 Find the guest
This one is kind of a new version of the classic wedding game I Spy. To play this game, the host will start by providing a short description of a certain individual from the guests present and the guests will have to guess or bring that person to the host. The longer the audience cannot describe who the individual is, the host will add more descriptions until they do. You can try this wedding game with small to medium crowds or gather select players when you have many guests. 

Wedding games are enjoyable means that help the bride and groom’s friends and families to get to know each other through friendly interaction.  Simultaenously, the couple can also find it difficult to choose or schedule games that match their personalities. Here at UrWedding, we help you make a creative, unique and personalised wedding website that contains the program flow, schedule and even wedding games they will play. Always remember that, it is your wedding day and one of the biggest days for each family to get together.

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