What Your Wedding Theme Says About You

Ah, marriage. Ain’t that a beautiful thing— but so are wedding themes. We’ve got to enter through it with style  It’s like unwrapping a present in a beautiful box topped with a perfect big red bow, tying the knot with style and aesthetics. Themes are stylish approaches to spark a new beginning for the union. Find out what your Wedding Theme of choice says about you.

Wedding ceremonies comes in different shapes and sizes, literally. From intimate to grand, lavishness to simplicity, depending on the couple’s preference for their wedding. Here are some of the most beautiful wedding themes based on the couple’s personality:

Here are 6 wedding themes and what they say about the couple

First up we have, the usual: A Classic Wedding

If you’re not a fan of grand weddings you can instead go for a Classic one. From a soft color scheme, to a traditional wedding ceremony, and the timeless wedding dresses alongside their elegant bridesmaid dresses. This kind of couple finds beauty in simplicity. It depicts safety and tradition. Just like the couple who love tradition. White will definitely play a major color role in their ceremony. Classic and formal will always be timeless!

Next up, The trendy Bohemian Wedding

You’re probably the cool and chill kind of couple who loves the laid-back approach just like a boho thems=es. You have an eye for the aesthetics revolving around the freshness of nature and earthy elements set most probably somewhere outdoors. Bohemian weddings are less formal compared to the Classic. This will involve a lot of flowers; flower crowns, cascading bouquets, and floral table runners– with boho-chic vintage rugs to complete the ceremony.

Third, we have the glitz & Glamorous Wedding

You’ve probably had your wedding planned since you were 10 yrs old. This couple loves the extravagant approach and the shining shimmering splendour of a Glam wedding theme . From the luxurious high ceiling interior, lavish decors, and tall centrepieces. Furthermore, you can add ultra-personalized elements with calligraphy and metallic colors included on this one. This kind of couple definitely wants a gleaming and memorable experience for their special day.

Next, another classic:  A Modern Wedding 

You love the classic tradition but with exquisite elements that make you as a couple. This creates a sleek, minimal, and streamlined look on your special day. You like a sophisticated simple wedding with a meticulous color palette that makes it personalized and consistent. This involves a variety of textures like marble and matte, a depiction of Modern.

Fifth, for the romantics: A Romantic Wedding

You’ve probably seen a couple of rom-coms and Disney princesses as your icons when you were younger, just kidding. Or not. This kind of couple definitely wants their moment. As the delicate lights dim around them and a spotlight hits in the center as they begin their first dance as newlyweds with the dreamlike setting around them, a romantic wedding is of their choice. This theme is intimate and pretty, combined with soft hues and plenty of florals set in a garden or a vineyard. The depiction of a classic romance story. 

Lastly, the cozy one: A Rustic Wedding

This kind of wedding theme comes in different forms and approaches but their overall aesthetic revolves around nature and greenery like telling a love story in the beginning that’s set in a memorable location to remember. This kind of couple loves the comfort that depicts home and the simplicity with a subtle tone of such romance. This involves the natural elements and textures such as wood, earthy hues, and a bunch of wildflowers like they’ve just been freshly picked. 

You can also add your own creativity and identity into these themes or find a wedding inspiration here. Viewing and researching pegs goes a long way. You might spark a new idea or create an entirely unique theme just for you!

The theme really depend on each couple’s personality but it all boils down mainly on the bridezilla— bride I mean, and the future husbands that nod and agree whichever the bride decides. Kidding aside, in the end, it doesn’t really matter. Whatever theme you’d choose and colour palette you decide, it’s the one you’re marrying on that special day because that is what mainly counts. It’s the both of you’s special day and nothing else matters about how you decide to create it. And in case haven’t decided a theme yet, UrWedding can help you navigate, visualize and create the perfect wedding theme for you!

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