Wedding Venue Ideas Just For You!

Fussing over your wedding venue is very understandable. As a couple, you want your big day to be a special moment held in a beautiful place. Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the first things to figure out in planning your wedding. So many things come to mind when considering which venue to choose. Does it have to be outdoor or indoor? Traditional or a bit on the modern side? There are a few questions that you need to answer.

There are many types of venues you could opt for in choosing your venue, aside from Churches—which is a classic. Below are wedding venues you should consider before making it official.

wedding venue garden

The Beautiful Beach Wedding Venue

Living in the Philippines has its perks; beautiful beaches are everywhere! If you’re from Manila, beaches can be a 1-2 hour drive from the city. Holding your wedding day at some of them is not a bad idea. Imagine saying your vows with the soft crashing waves on the shore and the sun setting in the background. What a romantic scene to start your life together!

You get a two-for-one deal, a wedding, and a travel getaway with your future spouse, friends, and family. It doesn’t seem so bad right? A small thing to consider when choosing beach weddings is the weather. Try to pick out a season that is on the sunny side.

Here is a list of beach wedding venues you can choose from:

  1. Vivere Azure – Anilao, Batangas, (632) 8 771-7777,
  2. Kawayan Cove – Nasugbu, Batangas, (632) 8845-1246, (632) 8845-1266,
  3. Club Punta Fuego – Nasugbu, Batangas, +63 917 852 7726,
  4. El Nido Resorts – Palawan, +63 (917) 584 1576 ,
  5. Acuaverde Resort – Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, +63 928 854 3805,


The Nature Garden Wedding Venue

Have you watched that scene in the Twilight saga where Bella and Edward get married? Did you notice the wedding venue? Chef’s kiss! It was so beautiful, and it was only in their backyard. Don’t ever underestimate the ambiance that gardens give off; it might just be the perfect wedding venue.

Surrounded by tall trees, flowers, and lush grasses, saying your vows couldn’t be more of a moment. Sure, it strays a bit far from the traditional wedding, but it can also be as meaningful. Take your intimate time together while having your connection with mother nature at your side.

Here are some beautiful garden wedding venues you might like!

  1. Bella Rosa Gardens – Silang, Cavite, (046) 404 2730 / (0927) 892 0100,
  2. Farm Hills Garden – Silang, Cavite, 0927 501 7578,
  3. Frangeli House Baguio – Baguio, +63 (920) 728 7625,
  4. The Mango Farm – Antipolo, Rizal, 63.908.882.3929,
  5. Palacio De Memoria – Paranaque, Metro Manila, (+63) 9977998187,


The Classy Hotel Wedding Venue

Now, this one is also a popular wedding venue aside from Churches. Why? Aside from the practicality of the venue and reception in proximity, most offer quite a view.

Hotels that overlook the mountains and even skyscrapers are pretty standard; you must look around to find the one for you. Imagine having a wedding venue with a melting color of the sunset as a background and the city’s twinkling lights afterward. It is truly a view worth saying “I do.” 

Being a tourist destination, we have many hotels available to host your wedding day. Here are some hotels you can choose from:

  1. Manila Peninsula – Makati, +63 2 8887 2888,
  2. Sofitel – Pasay, +632 8-573-5555,
  3. Discovery Primea – Makati, +63 2 7955 8888,
  4. Taal Vista Hotel – Tagaytay, (+632) 7917 8225,
  5. Grand Hyatt Hotel – Manila, 63 2 8838 1234, 


wedding venue with you

Picking a wedding venue is one of the choices you need to ponder on in planning your wedding. It is essential to be detail oriented when choosing your wedding venue, but when everything comes together on your wedding day, you will feel nothing but pure happiness. Make sure you capture your wedding journey with your friends and family with UrWedding! After all, what truly matters is the one waiting for you at the altar.

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