What To Do On Your Honeymoon

Everybody knows the sweet part comes after a wedding, “Pulot-gata” or more commonly known as “honeymoon.” A tradition that newlywed couples do after the ceremony. Some even skipped the ceremony part altogether just kidding!
Honeymoon suggests this time to be equally as sugary as the name suggests, is a time for couples to know each other more. We all know how stressful a wedding can be (worth it!); this is the time when the bride and groom get to relax, bond, and celebrate their relationship as Mr. and Mrs.
What do you even do on your honeymoon? You don’t just lock yourselves in your room on the entire trip! Like the wedding, on your honeymoon, you can also have an itinerary with all your activities planned. Make most of your time before returning to reality and officially facing the world by each other’s side.
You plan your honeymoon trip waaaay before the trip itself. You take care of the accommodations and plan activities, and, yes, the planning doesn’t stop at the wedding.
So, what can you do for a honeymoon?

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Go on a Honeymoon Trip

Many couples go for this option— most long for a well-deserved vacation after the hustle and bustle of the ceremony. You can go for a trip outside the country or hop on a plane to Palawan or Boracay. International or domestic? The location entirely depends upon you two.

You can also check out other places here!

Couples usually take this opportunity to visit the places they both dream of traveling to. The view does get better with your spouse in it. Travel vacations are a great way to spend time as the new Mr. and Mrs. A quick honeymoon escape serves as a fresh start to your journey.

If you want something more familiar, visiting your special place is more your speed. Reliving your first date or hanging out in your favorite spot can bring back many stories worth remembering. Look back to what you once were and where you are now, and what a journey that was.

Get to know each other

You will spend your whole life together because of the “Til’ death do us part” bit, and naturally, you should get to know your spouse more. You will see each other from a different perspective for the first time together. A great way to do this is in that itinerary you planned together. 

If you both love the outdoors, then going for an adventure-packed trip is best suited for you. This honeymoon trip is the best time to try mountain hiking, dirt bikes, or even island-to-island ziplines! Outdoor activities are a creative and adventurous way to know your spouse. 

If you are more laid back, then that’s ok too! A day chilling and lounging with a romantic dinner sounds splendid! All that matters is having the company of each other. Exchange thoughts, ideas, expectations, and dreams for the first time as a married couple.

Skip it

Don’t act too shocked now! Couples do this a lot more than you might think. A honeymoon is when you spend time with your partner to bond. Mostly, a honeymoon can be unfriendly to our pockets. Due to this, some couples skip it entirely and focus on being practical. They also take this time to save up money as a way of celebrating.
It isn’t bad, but it is also a way of being practical and investing it towards a house, a car, or starting a family together. If practicality is your strong suit, then this might be for you.

Doing a honeymoon is just another way of celebrating your union. It shouldn’t have to go like everyone else has done theirs. You can always do it YOUR way! On a side note, if you want to document your honeymoon adventures, you can check us out here. With that said, what would your first honeymoon adventure look like?

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