Why Red Weddings Should Be A Thing

Christmas has just passed, but red and green colors are still all around us. Which brings us to a theme like Red Weddings — most revolve around the color white and spring colors, but if you’re eyeing something more romantic of an approach, a red wedding theme might be for you. Here are some reasons why red should be your main color.

red wedding romantic

1. Red Weddings are romantic

Style your reception by setting your lighting to something more subtle and dim. Then add red roses everywhere and you will definitely set the mood for the romantic wedding reception you’ve been wanting. The red decors and accents adds spice to the overall ambiance of your wedding day.

2. It's timeless

A red wedding theme may seem unusual, but if you want a classic wedding with a touch of royalty, this could be the theme for you. Red is such a classy color, and if it’s a celebration of love, ain’t that on point. There’s something about the color red that stands out against all colors, and to correlate it with weddings, it screams bravery for choosing the love of your life.

3. It's versatile

You can pair red with any other color that depicts the couple’s personality. May it be red and black for something bold and romantic, or red and gold for something of a Renaissance theme that you’ve been wanting. If you want a classic and romantic wedding theme, go with red and white. There is so much character you can come up with using red! You can check out other samples of how to use red here.

4. Red Weddings are elegant

They say red is a classic color, screams elegance and boldness. It’s also the color of love and if it’s a celebration of love all the more red wedding themes are suitable. Add in touches of gold, silver or white whichever you’d prefer, you can have your elegant approach of a wedding.

red wedding bridal car

Red wedding themes aren’t the most conventional, but they’re definitely something you should consider in the future when planning your wedding. On a side note, we can help you visualize your wedding by creating your own wedding website, complete with your matching theme! Set the mood and poetry of “Love is in the air” by opting for something different and romantic, like the color red.

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