Pastel Colors For A Wedding? Try It!

Pastel colors, its either you love them or have never tried them yourself. From lavender, pale pink, mint green, light coral, aquamarine, baby blue, lemon – if you ever heard or seen these colors before then you probably know what pastel colors look like. If you haven’t, you should check out how gorgeous they look especially if used for a wedding theme. 

Pastel Colors evoke emotions

Color influences the way your audience and viewers perceive certain things. It is a powerful aspect of design that affects the aesthetic and mood of anything it can be applied in. Take a look at how pastels work in your wedding.

Serenity and Peace. Pastel colors provide a softer appearance that is easy on the eyes because they are less saturated than normal hues. Baby blue, salmon, turquoise, mint green and teal make for a cool and pleasing ambiance. Your audience may feel at ease and serene as a result of this. 

Romantic. Pastel colors’ gentleness can also evoke love emotions, especially when combined with other romantic imagery. According to color psychology, pastel pinks, browns and reds give a loving and romantic impression to viewers. Use those colors to create a romantic mood.

Warm Summer Feelings. Since spring and flowers do, after all, come in pastel colors, one of the first things people think of when they see pastels is spring. And what does everyone relate to spring? Happiness and the expectation of new beginnings. Create a look that is inspired by summer and spring flowers colors or try making existing flower colors a bit less saturated and see what you come up with! 

Visually Appealing Color Combinations. Pastel colors do not necessarily pop individually but pairing it with other colors make them breathtakingly beautiful. You can check out complementary color combinations here. Imagine those colors being used for your special day!

If you have no idea or too much ideas on what pastel colors to use, you can check out this site to find what pastel colors matches with your wedding theme. 

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to what colors to use for their wedding. Always take note to use colors that are relevant to the context or theme, whether its for the flowers, bridal gowns, backdrop, tables, chairs and venue, you should always make the colors coordinate with each other. At UrWedding, we help create pegs and give you visual guides on the theme, colors and other fine details of your wedding through a customizable and personalized wedding website. Then once you successfully incorporate pastel colors to your wedding day, expect a delicate, timeless and memorable wedding experience. 

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